Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bird of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise

The thing I hate the most in my life is my alarm clock. As usual, it started haunting me at 6 in the morning and I plunked it under my pillow to take a small nap. After a long tiring schedule of up-town business  meetings I have to board the first train back to home because its my anniversary  today. I jumped out of my bed and left the hotel room in rush.

Last night, she was very upset and annoyed because I did not wish her. To compensate my mistake, I called her and asked what present should I get for her. In reply, she just hung up on me.

After a few momentary seconds a message beeped, it was from Suzan, my wife. The message read..”Bird of Paradise”. I realized soon that she wants this thing but to my surprise I was not able to understand why she need a bird as gift  on our anniversary, and how I am going to find this rare bird even when I have not heard the name of this creature before.

I decided not to let go this time and anyhow I will get this gift for her. I started with a pet store and soon I realized that I almost visited all the pet stores and pet markets in the town but the agony of the moment was in fact the pet dealers did not have any idea about this bird.

Later,in the evening I realized that Suzan has just played a prank on me and there is no such bird exists in this world.

To compensate that impossible gift I fetched my neighborhood florist. A beautiful young lady greeted me. As I was visiting the store for the first time, she might have understood my confusion. I murmured –I need flowers for my anniversary.

The lady started to help me in buying good flowers and I was awestruck with the beauty and elegance of each flower, she showed me Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchids, Lilies, Daisies and so many flowers. Meanwhile, I noticed a bucket full of flowers kept in the center aisle of the store. Those long stick flowers with orange and purple blossoms were so fascinating and magnificent. I held the flower in my hand and asked the lady about the flower.

And then what the lady explained took me to the grounds of reality…

“Sir this is known as 10thAnniversay flower, symbolize magnificence and splendor – celebrating romance's unexpected side,Resembling one of the most striking, exotic birds in the world, with large orange and blue blossoms, this flower is known as Bird of Paradise’.

I stood silent for few moments and asked the lady to pack those flowers  for me.

While heading  back home, thoughts of morning fight with Suzan and a decade of her love and sacrifice caught me. Yes,  its definitely  unexpected side of romance  which Suzan taught me today and unfortunately it took me ten long years to understand this.

She opened the door, she looked stunning in a red evening gown. I noticed she was busy with daily chores without expecting any thing from me. I held her hand and greeted with a bunch of her desired flowers. A tear rolled down her cheeks with a smile of baby, I hugged her tight as If it  was my first and last hug, cuddled her tight and whispered – Happy Anniversary to the lady of my  life, my Bird of Paradise”.

-“Thanks Suzan for bringing me back home”….I am Home Again :  Amen

-Sachin Singh


  1. Simple n subtle story. I m really in awe of this flower. Lovely compositions dear author.